Friday, June 21, 2013

All Clear and Good Health!

I am thrilled to post that my ultrasounds have come back with no 'nasties'.  I have been waiting for a week to get the results, but figured that if there had been any problems then I would have heard sooner.  Still, it was good today to get the all-clear.

So next step, is just to LIVE!  I have been given the most amazing gift - my life and I intend to use it to the full. 

Yesterday, I sent off my second novel to the publishers - in around 2 weeks, I will get my initial feedback and then it is just a couple months of process and progress until Book 2 - The Destructors is released. 

Excited and motivated. 

Thank you to everyone for your love and support over the past six months, now we can move forward together to inspire the world.


MOM said...

Absolutely, enjoy your life forever and ever, till you are old and grey. !!!

Red said...

Awesome that you get the good news. Cancer is a great challenge both physically and mentally.
Good luck at the publishers.

Davine said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful news Beverly - I am so happy for you.