Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A very busy week.

No post for a week - life got in the way of writing.

Although the great news is that I have managed to get back to editing book two of The Guild Chronicles series - - follow my progress on Facebook.  I have now completed 23 chapters and 36 134.  Re-writing and editing a book I wrote a couple of years ago has been fun and a challenge.  I have found myself falling back in love with the story and characters that I have created, almost a daily adventure.

The other personal and enjoyable 'time-passing' activity which I indulged in yesterday was a few hours of traditional scrapbooking.  My love of this hobby began in 1999 when I became a Creative Memories Consultant.  For years I made 'traditional' albums, but over the past couple of years I have indulged in the digital format.  With the recent bankruptcy of CM - the digital option has passed (although I can find another provider) - so I thought I would return to my roots and use up the huge pile of stock that I have on hand. Ten pages and all of May 2007 photos scrapbooked.

Messy, but fun!
Yesterday, was a fun but also a concerning day.  My Dad was taken back to hospital - with a return  of the left-side weakness, blinding headache and pain behind the left eye.  They did a number of tests, keeping him in to do an MRI today (that has been postponed until tomorrow).  Good news is that he seems to be okay again - bad news - we still have no idea what is causing these issues. 

Then the highlight of the day. 

Elizabeth and I had 'birthday tickets' (Jan & Feb birthdays) to see The Bolshoi Ballet perform Le Corsaire - what a wonderful evening.  The dancing,  sets, choreography, music and story were outstanding.  The ballet was 2 hours 40 mins long and those ballet dancers were on top form for the entire performance.  What a great way to spend an evening.
My beautiful Elizabeth and me - all dressed up for the ballet

Beautiful girl - that ballet pose still works

Dressed up and somewhere to go.


Red said...

Well, I see we posted at exactly the same time! You are getting to do some fun things. I hope you can keep finding things to make life pleasant.

mom said...

How about we add the word beautiful to the photos of you as well, you are both beautiful as well as our Sarah and of course Matthew, who we will have to say handsome instead of beautiful.