Friday, June 14, 2013

Doing the Happy Dance

Today has been an awesome day.

First of all my blood tests have come back with excellent results - my cancer markers are down. Down even from my last test at the end of my chemotherapy - 8 weeks ago.  They were at 1.8 and are now down to 1.4 - Woo Hoo!  All other blood work is also 'in the black' - so good news.

I don't have the results of my ultrasounds yet, but this news makes that seem less worrying.

The other amazing news is that I have just signed a contract with Balboa Press to publish Book Two in my Chronicles of the Guild Series - The Destructors.  I am floating and doing 'the happy dance'.

I am in for a few weeks hard work as I prepare the manuscript for submission; it has been through a full re-write and edit, and is awaiting my 'Editor and daughter' - Elizabeth's approval and suggestions.

Thank you world for making this an amazing day! 

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Red said...

Great news! Both of these are biggies.