Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good News . . . But . . .

Today saw Dr Vasey, my oncologist for the results of my PET & CT Scan - the news is really good - there is no sign of cancer.  It is a relief and I am so happy, that the last six months of chemotherapy has been successful.

Now for the But . . . the scans have picked up three minor areas of concern:

The first is a minor lesion/haemangioma on the liver, a possible cyst or IPMN on the pancreas and a possible diverticulum in the bladder.  While all three of these are normally not of any major concern, because of my history - further investigation is required.  So Friday, I am having an ultrasound of the liver and bladder and will have a follow-up PET Scan in 4 months instead of 12 months.  Also I have been referred for a mammogram - more tests and time spent under the excellent care of our medical profession.

I have also had another blood test, to check my cancer markers and provide a level from which to work. Instead of the all-clear which I really wanted, I am under close monitoring for a little longer.

I am grateful for the advances in technology that are allowing such amazing follow-ups and for the care which I have been given.

So for now, I am celebrating, with bated breath, and just a few sad feelings. I guess that is normal.


Red said...

I hope these things turn out to be minor. Most of us have some of this and never know it . I have one of these.

Beverly said...

Red, thank you - yes I am 99% these are all minor. As my oncologist said - the better technology gets - the more we find.

The wonderful news is that any form of cancer will be found really early now.

Feeling much happier - thank you.