Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rain, muffins and kittens

It has been a strange week. Lots of winter rain - which is unheard of in Brisbane - I don't like it. So I made a batch of yummy bran muffins for breakfast. Then suggested that the girls and I have a morning scrapbooking to enjoy the indoors.

Sarah and Elizabeth were working on their Disney albums, which brought back some great memories. I am still working on my 2007 photos, but happily have now sorted up to the end of the year.  After the sad news that Creative Memories had gone into liquidation - I was delighted to hear that we can still print digital albums with a new company. 

Along with the joy of spending time with the girls this week, we had some fun with the cats.  Elizabeth treated them both, well really her Greyson to a new scratching post - he had fun exploring the little cubby house. And then yesterday the neighbour's chickens escaped. Living in the semi-rural suburbs, we are getting used to cows and chickens in the garden. The cats were not sure what to do with these intruders.

 Cleo kept looking at me, as though to ask what these things were that were in her garden.

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Red said...

Funny to hear you say "winter rain" when we're experiencing a heat wave. A heat wave for here anyway...32 C.