Monday, March 19, 2012

Vege patch

 Late summer we planted some tomato plants, capsicums, cucumbers and water melons for Sarah as well as our usual crop of strawberries.  With so much rain, everything has gone mad - we already have cucumbers on the vine, tomatoes and our first watermelon. 
Sarah pointing out her baby watermelon

In fact we might have overplanted the watermelon.  This year the vege patch is looking great. It is going to make great eating. 


Mom said...

Well done on Sarah spotting the watermelon, it is so cute, hopefully the plant won't grow all over the garden and the two houses, !!! Hee Hee. Looking forward to some yummy food.

darlin said...

It looks like this years harvest will more than make up for last years flooded garden, it's looking fantastic Beverly!