Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Friends

Eddie and Ivan
23 years ago Ivan was introduced to a family friend who was in the mining industry.  We were at a BBQ and our friend Andre shouted out - "Hey Eddie - Ivan needs a job to support Beverly."  Little did we know that Eddie was a 'very important person' in the Platinum industry.  He had a chat to Ivan and told him to submit his CV and then it was up to him.

The process was a success - Ivan was offered a job with Rand Mines in Brits, Transvaal, South Africa and within a couple of months, he was a mine geologist.  We had an amazing few years living and working on the mines - we had just got married, our beautiful Elizabeth was born and we enjoyed our first house together.

This weekend, we were very blessed to have a BBQ again! This time we were able to play hosts and Eddie and Nicki, John and Jan all joined us a an afternoon of reminiscence and laughter.  It was such a wonderful day, including being able to show our South African visitors a very special sight - one of our local Ring-tail possums baby's came for a visit.  It has obviously been pushed out by the parents to fend for itself and it was hungry.  So a banana for a treat, a couple of photos and then we left it alone.

A day of old friends and new.

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