Monday, March 26, 2012

Lessons from my child

My beautiful Sarah has been working really hard on her issues with self-esteem and anxiety and this morning she showed me one of her ideas. I am blown away with the creativity and intuition of this beautiful young woman.
 Sarah has covered her cupboard doors with heart-shape sticky-notes. These all have messages on them for her.  Everyday she will take something that someone has said or she has experienced that has hurt her and tear it up and throw it away (these are the yellow hearts).  And the pink hearts are filled with inspirational and uplifting suggestions to make her day better.
 When all the yellow are gone - she will have slayed her 'worry monster'
 This is just one of her wonderful ideas to uplift her day. 
Sarah you inspire me with your wisdom.


Mom said...

Oh my goodness Beverly, this is absolutely wonderful and perhaps a good lesson for all of us to undertake, we are quick to let people know the good things and we hide the bad things. Well done Sarah, with this amazing idea. Grandad and Granny are so proud of you, you have taken 2012 and are making it your year. Lots of love

Mark Tullett said...

I am so impressed -what maturity. >A great idea. Beverly you have the right to be proud!!