Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tawny Frogmouth

 This beautiful bird and its mate have made a visit to our garden - they are part of the nightjar family (or sort of an owl) and eat frogs, lizards etc.  Mostly nocturnal it is rare to see them in the garden during the day.  They have however, visited for a couple of days.

 Mum spotted thm up in the tree- top third and I took my camera down - not the easiest birds to photograph with all the foliage around them - guess that is what keeps them well camoflauged.
I did managed to get this shot of the other bird as well. 

On Sunday night Ivan and I went Cane Toad hunting to try and ensure that these beautiful birds don't die from eating the poisonous toad, in our one acre garden in less than 30 minutes we caught 35 Cane Toads - Yuck!  So another round each weekend before winter will hopefully disrupt the breeding cycle before they begin hibernation in winter.

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