Monday, March 12, 2012

Moved by the Spirit


Yes I am shouting it from the treetops.

On my way home I had the chance to share Spirit and would like to share it all with you now.

Sunday morning I had set myself a goal to touch the lives of 5 people.  It was a small but achievable goal.  First I met a lovely man in a pink shirt in the hotel elevator, we shared a chat and a laugh and I left lightened by his Spirit.  The receptionist was harrassed and busy, but a moment of connection - a compliment about her beautiful green nail polish and a laugh and her Spirit breathed.

The day was filled with Angels:  Sonia taught us, inspired us and shared her story with us; but it was the moment that her beautiful daughter Sonia (confusing I know) stood up and talked to us about growing up 'different' that connected with me.  'Young Sonia' talked about being different, being weird and how wonderful it is.  I spoke to her afterward and her hug and warmth was a delight. Thank you both Sonias.

I had treated myself to the 'Trust your Vibes' book on Saturday, which Sonia signed for me and on Sunday I bought 'The Answer is Simple' - I was going to get it signed as well, but something told me it wasn't necessary. 

Arriving at the airport I was early and managed with the help of another Angel at Qantas to get on the 7pm flight instead of the 8pm flight. I went to the Qantas lounge and had a refreshing soft drink and a little read.  There was a beautiful woman, clearing dishes, she came to clear mine and we chatted - what a beautiful Spirit - her smile lit up her face. My simple thank you to her, obviously meant something as we connected and I sat back fulfilled.

Then it happened I walked onto the plane and connected with the air attendents - all three, but especially Jane.  I told them all about my weekend; I glowed and talked and shared Sonia's message of Spirit with them.  Jane asked about the book I was reading - it was 'The Answer is Simple' - tears filled her eyes and she said - now I know why I am on this flight I was meant to meet you.  This is what I need, please won't you give me her details.  I wrote Sonia's name and the list of her books on a piece of paper and handed it to her.  She then went to work.

I sat reading and then Spirit spoke - "You don't need this book, you are only borrowing it, it belongs to Jane."

I took out my pen and I wrote in the front cover "Dear Jane,  Thank you for allowing me to share my Spirit with you.  Love Beverly"

As the flight ended I handed it to her, as expected her Ego took over - "I can't take it"

I opened the front cover and said "You have to, it has your name in it."

She filled with tears and Spirit, Ego disappeared and she said "I wouldn't have taken it if you hadn't written in it"  and I said:  "I know!"

Leaving the plane Jane was at the disembarkation gate:  She reached for me and gave me a HUG.

My life yesterday was filled with gifts and the greatest gift was SPIRIT.

Thank you.


Michelle said...


It's so wonderful to hear of your adventures going home, Beverly, and to have witnessed your JOY and connections over the weekend!

Thank you for sharing ...

Anonymous said...

Go Beverly! Well done for having your sensing eqipment on and honed! No drive bys for you. Woo hoo! Sue

Mom said...

What a wonderful thing you did for Jane, the world is a much better place because you are in it, don't ever forget that.

Julie said...

Sounds awesome Beverly! A true girl's weekend that really has topped up your to speak! Next time count me in!

Su said...

Just beautiful...I LOVE your spirit xxx