Friday, September 26, 2008

Friendships for world travellers

I am writing this blog from the perspective of someone who belongs to the world village. I don't know where I belong and having travelled so much, I have realised that the friends I make are a true blessing in my life. This is because they connect with me on a spiritual and personal level and are not friends based on location or history, but rather based on choice.

I am very blessed in my life to have some true and special friends. The first person that comes to mind when I think about my friends is my wonderful husband. I met him over 21 years ago now and I can truly say that he is the person that knows me better than anyone else in this whole world.

I am also blessed in that I am friends with my Mom and also my children. I can share interests and hobbies and have lots of fun with them.

Then of course there are my 'sister' friends. Women that I have met through my life that contribute to who I am. People who I truly like and in many cases share a deep and special bond.

Two days ago, a friend that I met during my time in Salt Lake City called. Sandy and I clicked immediately when we met. She loved scrapbooking, photography and her family. She was from Australia and on secondment with her husband. He worked for Rio Tinto just like Ivan and amazingly we met on our own through a 'friend of a friend'. We had so many great mornings together during our three years as ex-pats, and when I returned to Australia we stayed in touch via email. She moved back to Melbourne and we have had been lucky to get together a few times.

Her phonecall was out of the blue, unplanned and so much more special for the fact that I was the person she thought to call when she was in town. Our conversations picked up as though we had never been apart and our children continued to play together as though they had seen each other last week, instead of months ago. So Sandy, my friend I thank you for your friendship.

For my very many other friends, (and I hope you know who you are?) I salute each and every one of you for your wonderful contribution you make to my life. I am indeed blessed and lucky.


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