Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can you Dance?

Do you love to dance? I do! I also love watching dancing programs. Last night I sat up really late and watched the finale of "So you think you can dance." I have watched the whole season this year and found myself immersed in the skill and beauty of some amazing dancers. From the auditions where it was fun to watch people without talent try out, to the last few weeks, when all the dancers appeared to improve beyond recognition. I sat entranced every week.

It really made me think about the joy we get from dancing, music and singing. I love to turn up the music loud and dance with my children, watch my husband lift one of his little one's in his arms and waltz them around the room, or throw them about in a jive, making them giggle and laugh until they can't breathe. My Mom and Dad always danced and my Dad's knees in the jive had a life of their own.

Can you dance? I can! I can dance for the joy of being alive, dance for fun and dance just because the music calls me to my feet. I will never win a competition, never perform on a stage, but I will also never stop dancing. So today turn up your music loud and join in the dance.


Photo is of my Mom and I dancing for fun and for love. Thank you Mom!


Ian Weatherburn said...

...and look at her go (Mom, in the photo that is! :))

Dancing is very liberating indeed. But so often these days we are constrained by self-conciousness(?) and society. We are scared to just do our thing. So often I go to weddings these days and no-one dances? Well a few do, but it's certainly not liked it used to be or how I remember it? People are stuck up: "Oh I don't like this music" they might say. Or: "Hmmm, I can't dance. People will laught at me and think I'm weird".

I remember when Wendy and I were going for dance lessons for our wedding what a lot of fun that was. We weren't very good mind you, but we had fun and isn't that what it's mostly about?
Deep down inside music moves most of us, unless perhaps you're brain dead? So why not just go with the flow?

Neverthless I'm still a white man and I can't dance - not like some black people I know anyway! LOL!

Thanks for sharing Beverly.

Treasure Queen said...

I too adore the show So YouThink You Can Dance! Watched every episode, fell in love with Joshua and Twitch! and Katie too. How amazing are they?? And in the last ep with Nigel tap danced and Mary jived - wow, she is so agile and gorgeous... Now when I watch it I will think of you watching too - can't wait for the next Australian season.