Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Memory Albums

I am a scrapbooker and memory album creator. I went to my first Creative memories class in early 2000 and in February signed up as a consultant. I loved the concept and was soon addicted to creating my photo albums. I developed the most wonderful group of friends, Michelle, Annette and Susan and we met on a regular basis. I discovered that I loved the social therapy of a women's group where we could work on a craft and chat and solve the world's problems, as well as creating wonderful memory albums.

My first major project was my wedding album and I still treasure it today. I sometimes think that I would do it differently now, but if I contemplate changing it I just can't.

With our move to the USA I had to resign from CM but soon found a group in the USA and signed up again. I wanted my product at cost. Over the next three years scrapbooking filled my life. I saw so many beautiful things and had the chance to photograph and experience a lifetime full of wonders.

Our return to Australia left me again without access to Creative Memories, but I found another consultant and rejoined. This time it has been harder to create the wonderful groups that I have experienced in the past. I have neither the inclination or time to 'work the business', so with my good friends, remain a hobbyist. I do miss the social side of workshops and the inspiration from other people, but I have a lovely craft area and often you will find me working on one of my albums. I am also blessed with my 'page challenge group' - our online group who help each other keep inspired to work on our albums. Thank you Michelle, Mom, Tracey and Margaret.

Today I was thinking about all the memories that I have preserved. I am the proud owner of 61 completed traditional albums and 1 digital album that I made for Sarah. I have also created a few albums as gifts and these have travelled far over the sea. I figure that I have completed around 3700 pages in total with an average of 5 photos per pages. That is a grand total of 18500 photos in 8 years - about 2300 per year - WOW!!!!

The best part of all of this is the amazing memories that I have accumulated and the friends that I have collected along the way. I will continue scrapbooking and creating memory albums for my family. I hope that you will also find the time to save your memories, traditional albums, digital albums or even just slipping them into a picfolio album so that one day you will look back and relive your magic moments.

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Michelle said...

I am almost sad that I have been scrapbooking as long as you, Bev, because you INSPIRE me to scrapbook!

I, too, love the Page Challenge ladies, and enJOY the opportunity to be inspired to scrapbook when I have other distractions equally as important. :)