Friday, September 19, 2008

Winter bugs!

Anyone want three sick children? It has been one of those years for us. All three children, especially Sarah and Matthew have succumbed to the cold virus, over and over and over again. They have missed so much school and our medical bills are high enough to support a small country. The problem is that there seemed to be no solution to the problem.
I have recently begun a new approach and that is the way of Naturopathy. Sarah, Elizabeth and I have seen Alex (Healing Hands Natural Health Centre) and her diagnosis is that we have a 'compromised immune system'. Due to the fact that we have lived in so many places and travel so much, we do not seem to have built up an immunity to any one set of bugs! (Simplified explanation). We are now on a course of cleansing; mineral and vitamin replacement therapies and a focus on avoiding processed foods. Reverting to a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

I am also working mentally and emotionally on the writings of Louise L. Hay (You can heal yourself & The power is within you) and other writers like Eckart Tolle and Jerry and Esther Hicks. The idea is that 'what we think is what we create' and if we say "I am sick" then you get and stay sick. It is better to say " I am experiencing an illness". I am Beverly, I am not sick. It is just something that my body is experiencing and if I focus it externally, then I can fix it far more easily. I experience what I think and if I change how I think about something, then it is different!

As summer approaches and the winter fades, I am hoping that the fresh air, swimming and exercise and an outdoor lifestyle will speed up the process. Next year we will be better prepared.

To everyone who is feeling unwell - 'experiencing illness' I wish you a speedy recovery.


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Treasure Queen said...

Bev i am sending get well wishes and thoughts to you and your family - hopefully the lovely spring weather will improve everything.