Thursday, May 9, 2013


Another great productive morning working on my book.  It is such a lovely feeling to once more dive into the world of my imagination.

Today I produced another 3000+ words of editing and I have realised that my original writing is quite good. The story needs some tweaking, but the characters are rich and interesting and the story line is moving along.

I know that Elizabeth would love me to be working on writing Book 4, but I need to edit and re-write Book 2 & possibly 3 first, as it may just change the story.

So total edited is now nearly 12 000 of the +60 000 words, a fifth of the way there.

Hopefully 2013 will now see the publication of Book 2 - The Destructors.

A few weeks ago this felt like and impossibility.


Davine said...

I must say Beverly you inspire me - thank you

Mark Tullett said...

SO pleased to hear you're back to your passion. XX