Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing again - at last!

This morning I finally put pen to paper - or should I say fingers to keyboard (it doesn't quite have the same ring to it - does it?).  Oh well, the good news is that I am writing, or should I say editing, again.

I have picked up Book 2 of The Guild Chronicles Saga and am working on the re-editing process. Still in the early phase - I find that the story is once more flowing, moving from 5307 words this morning to 8305 words after a few hours, allowing me to once more step into the world I have created.  Some of the story needs to be fully re-worked, but the delight I am experiencing in realising that I have written something that I want to read.

Over the last 10 months, writing has at times proved challenging, although I have today collated my Cancer Journal and have discovered that I have written a total of 13 587 words.  It was fascinating collating all my separate entries - reading my early posts, the dark times and the times of positive empowerment. So although my 'creative' novel writing has ground to a halt, writing and I have not been totally separated.

I have also loved hand-writing my daily diary - something I haven't done in years.  Starting on March 1st, I once more began an evening ritual of noting down my days activities and thoughts - another powerful tool in my writing arsenal.

Keeping up with Facebook has been good, and my occasional posts (sorry everyone) on Vesta have allowed me to keep in touch with the world.

Now I begin to live life again, outside a 3-week cycle, I face the challenges of what things in my life I will return to and what I will leave discarded.

Writing is the very big one, that I know I will keep with delight and JOY.

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Mom said...

Yea, so glad you are back, I have never stopped checking Vesta as I knew that one day you would feel well enough to write on this lovely site. The fact that you kept everyone informed on FB was a great achievement sweetheart, and more amazing that you were able through all your tough times were able to do us our wonderful 50th wedding anniversary album, I am so proud to show it to everyone and they are amazed with your talent. Keep up your spirits over the next few months as am sure there will be a few lows and hopefully lots of highs.