Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Romantic Getaway 2

Saturday was so relaxing after our walk to the falls, we drove to Gallery Walk at Mt Tamborine and spent the rest of the day exploring craft shops - I had such a good time, forgot to stop and take a few photos.  Mt Tamborine tea provided a place for Ivan to try out a couple of new teas and splurge on a great cup. We decided against another big meal at the restaurant and settled for a couple of glasses of wine and a few snacks for dinner.
Ivan - the Tree hugger - this is the other side of the hollowed-out tree that I was standing in.
 Back at the room, this beautiful Currawong was quick to come and pinch a couple of pieces of bread that Ivan threw out for it.  They are the most beautiful singers in the forest and his 'thank-you' serenade was a delight.

Sunday morning after another lovely breakfast, we headed out to Cedar Creek Winery for lunch. Lucky to get a table we enjoyed the birdlife and some yummy food.  I loved this bird-feeder - great with the lockable doors, to keep out the rodents at night.  The rainbow lorikeets were so fat they could hardly fly.

Table in the sunshine at Cedar Creek Winery.

A lazy afternoon and a couple of games of Canasta (which I won) rounded off another great day.  Sunday evening the retreat had a birthday function on in the restaurant, and unfortunately, our room was right next door.  The music, laughter and talking was quite loud and not in keeping with the tranquillity of the place.  Frustration turned to laughter at 11pm, when 'Staying Alive' was played - such an 'oldie'.  Oh Well! It wasn't too bad.

Monday we were due to head back after breakfast, but had heard of a local winery that had a creek and pond that had platypus living in it.  These very shy creatures are almost impossible to see in the wild, but we thought it worth while taking a chance.

 Exploring the river banks was delightful. We then went into the restaurant and ordered a delicious morning tea; finding out that there were indeed platypus in the stream.

My mud-cake and Ivan's apple crumble

Below this tree on the right is a dark hollow - with the binoculars we spotted a platypus resting.
 After an hour of delightful sunshine, our imminent departure was delayed by the idea of a beer and a glass of wine.  A delightful way to spend our last morning of our break.


Butterfly beauty

I made use of the bench to catch a few rays of sunshine, the first since starting my chemo . . .

. . . while Ivan relaxed in the shade

Nothing else to say but . . . Aaah!


Red said...

A great get away takes your mind off the things you ordinarily do like worry. You picked a very beautiful area .

Mom said...

So glad you had such a good time together, one always needs to take some special time away from everything and everyone with the man of your life.

Mark Tullett said...

It all looks wonderful Beverly. Thank you for sharing with us.