Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Plans and ideas

First of all thank you for all the wonderful supportive comments about my previous post.  It is a strange situation to be in when one thinks that I am bemoaning my fate and yet I have everything I could wish for and more options than I could dream of.  How then have I fallen into the trap of being sad and cynical.

For the moment, I am doing as Davine suggested and just letting it hang out in the Universe.

I am dreading Ivan begin away for the next 4 weeks.  He has travelled (for business) almost all of our married life and everyone used to ask me how I coped.  It was never easy, but now it seems really hard.  I miss him and I get really lonely.  The children take up more of my time than they did when they were babies, but they don't really need me.

Oooh I am soooo frustrated!!!!!!!

So will end the post with no plans and no ideas; just hanging around and waiting.

Thanks again for the support and love.

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Mom said...

Such great news to hear this morning, that you have decided to have a go at doing traditional creative memories albums again. As can be seen by the digital albums you have done, especially our 50th Anniversary one, you have so much talent and creativity, I certainly am looking forward to lots of amazing pages.