Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ten Days and what a life!

First of all a summary. Since my last post we have:

  • lived through another chemo treatment
  • seen very close friends, lose their son to suicide
  • lived through an ex-tropical cyclone called 'Oswald'
  • had over 200mm of rain as a result
  • had a large gum tree fall on our shed
  • and had Sarah start back on her final school journey
  • Oh Yes and I celebrated my 49th birthday

It has been a life's worth of living in just these ten days.

So here is little of the news.

Saturday 19th everyone made such an effort for me to help me celebrate my 49th birthday. Ivan and Elizabeth arranged a cake and everyone gave me some lovely gifts - lots of books and DVD's to see me through my treatment.

Sunday 20th Donna and Graham O'Brien friends came over for a fun afternoon tea and then on Wednesday it was chemo time.

The treatment worked really well again - I had a chat to my oncologist and hopefully (with me begging) - I might get away with just 8 treatments and this way I am over the 'hump' mark as they say with 4 treatments completed. Thursday to Monday were their usual right-off - lots of sleep and nausea - but no vomiting this time. So am improving.

During this period of absence from the world the storm slid in. It slowly coasted along the seaboard and dumped rain, rain and more rain. In places well over 400mm. The rivers rose and places that flooded in 2011 were once more under water.

The ground was so water-logged that the roots were loosened and with winds over 100kph it just dropped.

The creek in the fields at the bottom of the garden was flowing fast and furious.
As was the stream down our garden.
We are blessed in that the tree slid sideways and the main structure of the shed held. The insurance company will be out tomorrow to assess and repair.
The winds ripped the top off the swing

and brought down a small tree in the front yard, which went under water as always; but luckily it didn't sweep onto the brickwork.

Of course as the clean-up began we found another tree leaning. This time it was leaning towards Mum and Dad's bedroom window, so it had to be cropped and chopped.

Matt, Elizabeth and Mum all got stuck in and soon it was down to a manageable level and stabilised.
With young adult muscle on the ropes and grandparent muscle/weight behind, the tree was once more upright.

So as the week wound down to its end or in this case beginning - Sarah's much anticipated/dreaded first day back at school approached. She celebrated with glee the announcement that due to the floods and lack of transport or clear roads - school which was due to begin on Tuesday was delayed until Wednesday. We didn't manage to get a first day back photo, but today I sneaked into the bathroom to capture her JOY at being back at school.

Thanks Mum, I really need you and your camera this early in the morning. Her short hair (normally) makes her look cute, funky and grown up, but this morning was not one of those days.

So as she approaches Grade 10, her final three years and the challenge of being the only one at school. I wish her luck and love, and hold thumbs for my sanity.

January 2013 has been no simpler, no easier and no less hectic than previous years.

. . . but there are changes.

My world has shrunk to a three-weekly cycle at the moment. I am on the countdown to the end of my treatment.

Matthew and Elizabeth are facing challenges of university and especially for Matthew it is a year of major change.

So for the end of this post - I want to honour friends who are family.

Our dear friends Julie, Chevy and Jacob, sadly lost their beloved son and brother Jared. In honour of their privacy, I will not say much, except that our thoughts and prayers are with you as a family. Jared will be missed by us all and we will grieve, support and love you always.

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