Thursday, January 10, 2013

A good day today

This morning I 'woke, arose, got up' from bed - had not slept much last night with temps still in the high 20's all night, but by 6.30am decided it was better to be up than in bed anymore.

I had energy, I was awake and I was/am feeling well.

Like last time, and I must remember this for next time - the end of the cycle is good - my body celebrates and allows me to  have a boost of energy.

I did a whole lot of washing (all the hand stuff at the bottom of the basket); did some tidying up, left the house for the first time in 8 days - yippeee and watched some TV with the girls. It was a really good day.

This evening we all as a family even went down to our pool and Ivan and the girls enjoyed the first swim of the year. It has been too hot to even do that - how sad!

So tonight at 9.20pm am about to have a cool shower and head to bed, knowing that tomorrow is another good day ahead.


darlin said...

Beverly this is such good news to hear that you're up and about and regaining energy. That's great Ivan and the children were able to get out and enjoy the pool, it's hard to fathom it being too hot to enjoy a pool, but I've seen the news and it's crazy making hot there... where's the happy medium? Right, that's called Spring or Summer in Canada. :-)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Beverly said...

Or Spring or Autumn in Brisbane.