Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh Yes . . . and I forgot about the Termites

Mum in cleaning her skirting boards found her fingers in the wallboards. A quick call to our wonderful Termite man - revealed aggressive, nasty buggers throughout the whole house.

So with everything off the walls, and the house in an uproar for the next three weeks, we have had the house chemically nuked.  Hoping that every termite in Australia catches the disease.

Maybe, should have just fed them some of my Xeloda chemo-drugs.


Despite a line of concrete and stone around the house - these monsters have managed to find a tiny gap under and through the concrete barrier.
So if you see one of these little 'buggers' chewing on your house - let me know and I will send around my hit squad.

And today, the one and only picture that they hadn't noticed still left on the wall, fell apart - the entire frame eaten - through the wallboard. 

January 31st today - A new month and hopefully a bit of better luck next month.

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Red said...

This to me is very scary! We might get the odd ant in the house but they would never damage anything.I hope things get resolved for you.