Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday morning blues

Ivan's last day of holidays today.

He decided to take this extra day to spend some time with Alana and Dean (the Canberra cousins) before heading back to work tomorrow.  It has been lovely having him at home for 3 weeks, but I have to say taking leave over Christmas in +35 heat is barely tolerable. 

We have found ourselves hiding inside with the airconditioners on, or thrying to do a few things very early morning or late evening.   Also I lost a week after my early January treatment, so that totally took the wind out of any plans.

However, the fun of having two wonderful family members up to share a few days is great.

Yesterday we went to see "The Hobbit" - Alana & Dean hadn't seen it, so it was a chance for all of us to go back for a second look.  I think the power of the film was stronger second time round and Ivan and I really enjoyed it.

Swimming in the pool in the late afternoon filled a few hours for the kids, while I indulged in a lie-down - had been feeling unwell most of the day.

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Red said...

I hope you get a break in your heat one of these days.