Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that I have not posted for a few days - it has just been too sad to do so.  The reason - we gave the puppies up for adoption.

Yes, I know my last post said that we were keeping them, but things changed.  We had a BBQ on Friday night and the older two dogs were acting very strangely, agressive to each other and showing a lot of jealousy.  We were concerned - Saturday things did not improve and without constant attention - we were really worried that we were heading down a very dangerous path.

The puppies are/were at an adorable age and after many hours of discussion/tears/heartache - Ivan and I took them to the RSPCA on Sunday for adoption.  It was almost as bad as my three miscarriages - I cried and grieved, but knew we had made the best decision.

Tuesday, I called into the centre and they were already playing with a prospective new family - ignored us completely.  Tuesday evening, Ivan called in on his way home from work and they were no longer up for adoption.  A phone call gave us the good, but sad news - they had already found new homes. 

So to our two beautiful puppies - Crystal and Lucy - thank you for the few weeks of JOY you gave us - we hope you are loved and cared for.

Playing in the garden just before leaving

Sisters together
Farewell our beautiful girls - we loved you.


darlin said...

Beverly this is sad news, but you did what you felt was best even as hard as it was. Huge hugs sent your way, I'm sure the puppies will be treated well in their new homes.

Mom said...

We have all grieved with you and the family. They were so cute but Dad was most concered with the interaction between the puppies, Bella and Abby. The only joy out of all of this is to see Abby and Bella playing in the garden together. There were two wonderful puppies and are now out in the new world with new owners who will love them as much as we have all done. A grateful thanks to the RSPCA who deserve more credit for what they do for families.