Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Creators edit

It has arrived and I am thrilled with the amazing edit that Balboa Press have given me.  The great thing is that I can agree or disagree with their suggestions. 

All or most (99%) of the 'grammar' ones I am certainly agreeing with; but some of the others I am not.

I am going to keep Selectors and Creators with capital letters.  I have also in reading it so carefully picked up a few 'time' issues - like arriving in the morning and being told 'Good evening'.

I have written, read, reread and re-written this novel over and over and even now I am finding things to correct and improve.

I have a 2 week deadline to get it back to Balboa (recommended) but I am taking it as ordered and then it is onto the next step a 'proof' copy. 

Tonight I have completed the first three chapters - it is such a powerful feeling to know that this is my work, my writing, my own creation and one day - My Book.


Mom said...

Dad and I are so proud of you, give it your all you do have a gift that is for sure, we will soon be able to say our daughter has written her first book, Keep up the good work.

darlin said...

Way to go Beverly, nose to the grindstone and you'll have your books in the stores in no time at all! I commend you for the dedication and commitment you've put into your writing. I look forward to the day when I can 'just' write; write from my heart and not regurgitate what I've read (uni in a nutshell! lol).

Have yourself a wonderful day, and hats off to you!

Julie said...

Whooo Hoooooooo! Congratulations Beverly! VERY exciting news and so well deserved! Your gentle, quiet, powerful footsteps following your beauitful hearts dreams are a JOY to witness! Love and Blessings, Julie