Thursday, July 5, 2012

Congratulations Elizabeth

Well done Elizabeth

Bachelor of Arts Degree - passed with Distinction and a GPA of 6 (Distinction)

Yesterday Elizabeth received her final results for her last three subjects - three 'sixes' (distinctions) - overall in her 24 courses she received five '5's'; seventeen '6's'; and two '7's'.

'5' = Credit
'6' = Distinction
'7' = High Distinction

Graduation is on July 20th - Congratulations and well done special girl.

And to top it all she has been admitted into the Honours programme.

We are so proud of you.


darlin said...

This is fantastic news, congratulations sent out to Elizabeth!

Mom said...

Well done Elizabeth, Grandad and I are so proud of all your achievements. Reach for your goal in the coming years.