Saturday, July 21, 2012

Downtime and Desk time

Today dawned bright and clear, but within hours the clouds came over and it became dull and grey.  Brisbane weather is just not co-operating.  Our winter is normally dry and clear and is the best time of the year.  I have to say that grey skies do not do my soul any good and I feel as foggy inside my head and heart as the sky.  So God, please clear up this mess and send us some sunshine.

We had a productive day. Took Abby and Cleo to the vet for the annual vaccinations. Cleo promptly went and hid in the cupboard and sulked all day. Abby didn't notice. Ivan and I then went and bought Sarah a new desk for her room

 The desk/table has a lovely weave inlay under the glass and is very attractive.
 Her corner is filled with her fairy collection, to keep her company.
 We also put up her shelf again, so that her smaller fairies and decorations can sit safely above her as she works on her school programme.   A nice space to succeed.
Following our busy morning Ivan and I went out to lunch and grocery shopping and then I managed a lovely two hour sleep.  I was woken to supper and then a hot bath run by my lovely Elizabeth.  Time to rest and slow down.


Mom said...

You most certainly deserved your 2 hour sleep, you have been on the go for ages and ages so make sure you have some more rest today. Sarah's room looks lovely, will pop up later to see it. Thanks for the extra photos, there are some wonderful ones and it will be such a great memory of Elizabeth's achievements. Give youself some time and then maybe when you have managed to settle life down you can go back to Uni yourself next year and we can watch you walk to your Graduation.

darlin said...

Beverly that's so good you had some down time, I think that we all need it once in a while and what a wonderful family to all pitch in and help out.

The desk is beautiful and Sarah's study corner looks comfy cozy, as a study area should be.

I hope the sun shines in your world and that drab grey disappears. I can totally relate to that feeling, that's how our winters generally are here, but way colder! lol

Have a wonderful week.