Monday, June 7, 2010

A new smile in the making

Sarah was fitted with her new braces today. She is 12 and all her baby teeth have fallen out and after consultation with the Orthodontist it was decided to start her treatment. It will take between 12 & 18 months and during this time they will pull her bottom jaw forward and straighten the crowding on her upper and lower jaw.
She was very good while they were being fitted and now is managing the discomfit really well.
She got to choose her colours, so chose red (her favourite colour) and purple for Mommy.


Ian Weatherburn said...

This is great. Well done Sarah and soon your smile will be even greater than it already is! Good luck!

Beverly said...

I will pass on the wishes. Her mouth is very sore tonight, but she has both Matthew and Elizabeth's experience and support.

Michelle said...

Gosh! Braces are so Funky these days!! Sarah seems so grown up and I do like her 'new smile'.

darlin said...

Wow, I never realized that the children could get such cute braces, this sure beats the heck out of railroad tracks running through their mouths like in the good old days! The time will pass so quickly and the braces will be done with, a small bump in the road for a perfect smile! Way to go Sarah, you're a brave young lady!