Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Down, One to go!

Today Elizabeth and I finished our last essays for this semester. We both a 2000 word Australian Literature essay to write and she also had a 3rd year english essay. They are all due on Tuesday 15th June, so it was good to get them out of the way today. Mine was almost complete by this morning, just needed a little 'tweaking' and Elizabeth had one completed and almost half of the other one done.

It was with a huge sigh and then a jig about the room, that she finished at 3.30pm and we printed them all off, ready to hand in Tuesday morning first thing.

I also managed to type up 6 pages of revision for my Writing exam on Monday 21st, this is going to take a lot of work from me next week, but it is at least only one exam.

I can't believe I have finished another semester at uni. I so love studying, even the horrible work of exams and essay writing.

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darlin said...

Right on Beverly, good for you and your daughter! I know the feeling all too well of completing an essay and you bet it's happy dance time! What will you be studying next semester?