Monday, June 21, 2010

All Finished!

It is all over!

I wrote my exam for Writ1005 this morning. It was a 2 hour exam worth 40% of my grade and I wrote solidly for 2 hours. Luckily I only need to achieve 5/40 to pass the course and I feel quietly confident that this has been achieved. Unfortunately, the next level up - a '5', requires 19.5/40. This may be possible, but as long as I pass this course, I am not worried. It is another tick towards my degree and that is all that matters.

Next semester I may take 6 months off. The family, and most especially Sarah need some time, attention and lots of love. I am thinking of home-schooling Sarah over this period, but will make this decision in a couple of weeks time.

If I do decide to continue, it will probably be only one course - American literature, which will mean that I have achieved a year's worth of studying in 2 years. I am really pleased with this idea.

For now, I am planning on relaxing, de-cluttering, home-schooling my little girl, enjoying life, getting back to the gym, cooking healthy and enjoyable meals again and oh yes, Relaxing.

To everyone, thank you for your support and encouragement, it has been wonderful.

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darlin said...

Right on Beverly, good for you! It's so nice to have some time off, I've been done my practicum since Thurs and am I ever enjoying doing exactly what I'm doing!

That will be wonderful to have time with your family, I'm sure that they'll appreciate the home cooking and tons of loving!