Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life is looking a little clearer!

Life has been really busy for days, weeks and months and just staying on top of daily chores is almost impossible. So getting to the larger chores like 'window washing' just hasn't been happening.
Today Elizabeth and I were inspired. We ignored the 'daily' chores and decided to take down all the net curtains - what a shock - they were disgusting! And then we couldn't see through the windows. so with her on the outside and me on the inside we began washing. We had the music playing and could chat through the open windows. Time passed and we enjoyed the warm sun, the hard work and the good company. No time to worry about life, no time to feel sad, unwell or stressed. Just steady work together.

Two hours later we finished the front of the house. Six rooms and lots and lots of windows.
Next week we might tackle the sides and back of the house - well at least we will think about it.
Life is now looking a little clearer, well at least the windows are!


Ian Weatherburn said...

Mine next please! :)
I love the little stool/step required. :) Good for your girls.

Michelle said...

Isn't it amazing how fabulous life looks when you have clean windows? Well Done! I agree with Ian ... can I get mine cleaned, too?

Beverly said...

The stool is an essential in my life. I have kept it from when the children were little and use it often :)
It is wonderful to wake up this morning and look out through them.

Mom/Granny said...

It has been a long time since I saw you and Elizabeth having such a fantastic time. You were both dancing and pulling faces at each and all in all acting like two naughty children. It is a wonderful world out there especially through clean windows as it will allow light into your lives to heal all the problems. Now I am 66 and have only managed one window last week so HELP !!!!