Sunday, April 11, 2010

Childhood Joy

This is 'Belinda' - Well not really my Belinda, but she looks just like her.
As a young girl I ownded the most beautiful baby doll in the world. Her name was Belinda. Belinda was my child. I spent all my pocket money on real baby clothes for her and she was the love of my life.
What happened to Belinda? I don't know!

Today Sarah invited me to join Granny and her in visitng the Ipswich Doll & Bear show. There were so many dolls, it was lovely. And then I spotted her. I was transfixed. It was Belinda. The lady offered her to me to hold and she felt just like her. I have no photos of Belinda, only my memories, but I once more held in my arms my perfect baby doll.

Before I could get out my purse, Mum paid for her and I just burst into tears. (I am a little emotional at the moment), but some special magic, special joy of my childhood, was back in my arms. I cried, Mum cried and the lovely couple at the craft table smiled. Belinda is a Berenguer Collectors Doll and is very beautiful.

Sarah also found a Berenguer doll that she fell in love with, so we walked out of the show, with two special treasures.

Mine the most special of all.


darlin said...

Wow, I almost have a tear... this is wonderful and so touching!

Mom/Granny said...

Am so happy that we found such a beautiful doll for you, especially after it brought back so many many "happy" memories for you. Enjoy Belinda, she is so beautiful. Also I think Sarah could not have chosen a nicer doll for herself either.

Have to admit that little finger point upwards on your doll Belinda, was oh so you!!when you were only 19 hours old, you were ready to take on the world, never forget that, you can do it.