Friday, April 9, 2010


Today our son took another step toward adulthood. He passed his Learner's permit with a score of 29/30 (excellent result) on his first attempt.
It was a bit of a challenge to provide the documentation, but with the help of the wonderful staff at QLD Transport, we achieved it all.
It was then a nervous wait for me as he did the questions and then the thrill of being granted his learner's permit. Now the fun and practice begins.
He also opened his first personal bank savings cashcard in his own name, without Mum as a Trustee, so another big step.
Watching your children grow up one by one is both exciting and daunting and with Matthew I feel he is well on the way. It is a little sad, but I am so proud.
Well done Matthew!


darlin said...

Congratulations Matthew, well done!

Beverly it is hard to watch them grow up, it happens so fast and when they learn to fly on their own and thrive very well, it is then we realize what a fantastic job we've done as parents. You most certainly have done an amazing job with your children I can tell from your posts. Hats off to you!

Beverly said...

Thank you. I am so proud of my children and today it was with joy and sadness that I gave my son another set of keys to adulthood. I know he will use them with care and caution.