Monday, April 19, 2010

An indulgent day!

The marquee in front of the art museum where all the English/Writing talks were held.

The University of Queensland celebrated its 100th birthday this weekend and on Sunday I had the pleasure of attending 'The Writer's Hub'

The Keynote Speaker was David Malouf author of many Australian novels and one of the authors I am studying in my Australian Literature course. He spoke really well in his Keynote address and on the discussion panel.

John Hay welcoming David Malouf (seated) to the celebrations.

The most entertaining and enlightening talks were Kim Wilkins and Kate Moreton (Australian fantasy writers) both graduates of the UQ English Literature dept and course.

I also enjoyed listening to my Poetry tutor Ross Clark, present some of his poetry. (He is the scary looking man on the right) He was so lovely and came over to chat to me before his presentation; asking me if I was still writing poetry.

All day I kept bumping into authors/writers and lecturers who I knew, but who also seemed to know me (well the lecturers - anyway). A wonderful day.

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darlin said...

Wow, that sounds like it was such a wonderful opportunity. Did you get some inspiration from attending this? I love hearing others who speak of things I am extremely passionate about, I get pumped right up!

Have a great day Beverly!