Friday, May 9, 2014


My PET/CT scan has come back clear.  After a week of delays and issues with the radioactive dye - I finally had my scans yesterday and today had a meeting with my oncologist. It was such a relief to hear that there are no active tumours. My blood-test cancer markers have risen slightly since the end of my last treatment, but are still well within the 'normal' range.

As my cancer has metastasized - it will be an ongoing matter of monitoring for the rest of my life. So the next step is to have another blood test in 6 weeks. For now I don't have to have any more treatment - either chemotherapy or other options.

In 6 weeks we will have another discussion - wherein we may begin a regimen of biological/chemotherapy maintenance, which will ensure that any cellular cancer cannot develop into tumours.

It is a very strange feeling - relief, excitement and thanks to God - for the great news. But, also the feeling that I need to find a way to live, live not only scan to scan, blood test to blood test, but to live the rest of my life.

I am planning to seek some professional help with this issue, as I have felt 'sick' for the past two years and I don't plan to live the next 30 or so, with the issue - that I am a cancer victim.

But..... for tonight I am celebrating.  NO CANCER!

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Red said...

That's great news! Living and fighting cancer is a downer so you're doing the right thing by getting some help in that area.