Sunday, May 18, 2014

It isn't gone!

I wasn't 100% happy with the oncologist's interpretation of the PET/CT scan results on Thursday 8th. My pain levels and my own feelings told me that there was something more going on.

Mother's Day - Sunday 11th - Started with some beautiful gifts from my children and a family visit to church in the morning.

Matthew bought me a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers

Sarah gave me two great movies to watch

And Elizabeth gave me a locket filled with charms.
The day however, ended horribly. The pain I have been experiencing for the past 5-6 weeks hit a high and Ivan took me into hospital. A couple of doses of morphine later - I was admitted to the ward. Between Monday and Wednesday afternoon - I didn't eat a thing - the colonoscopy prep - made me so sick, but finally I had the colonoscopy on Wednesday afternoon. 

The results - numerous small tumours on the outside of the lower bowel, constricting and narrowing the passage - the inside of the colon is clear - but it appears that the peritoneum has a mass of very small tumours a number of which are clearly cancerous. 

Not a very good week.  I stayed in hospital until Friday attempting to find a pain and food management schedule that will work and begin chemotherapy again this coming Thursday 22nd May, 2014.

As my oncologist explained: It is now a long term management plan. There is no end goal to the chemo regimen, but rather a plan to keep the cancer small and controllable.
My plan - live life day by day and keep up my JOY

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Red said...

No day is good when you get such a diagnosis. On the other hand you have a very good plan for your life.