Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rain and flood photos

One of our local roads - 1 metre flood water

The river has overcome all its banks.  Sarah was swinging on these swings a couple of weeks ago.

Flooded front garden - what a sight!

Ivan used his strength to move the water away from the front

Sarah helping clear the front patio

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darlin said...

Wow, unreal. I guess I can't complain about the horrendous amounts of snow we're getting here, at least I can keep piling that up. You sure have your work cut out for you there and the whole family working together to keep the water out. I am shocked and never imagined this in Australia, I don't know why, I just didn't picture it to be like this.

One question for you, do you have a basement in your home? I'm curious is all and wondering if water is seeping into the basement if you have one.

I hope all the best for you there Beverly, for you and your family.