Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year and a special One

New Year's Day and Elizabeth's 21st Celebration Party

As we will be in the USA for Elizabeth's 21st birthday on February 2nd, we decided to celebrate early and give her gifts to her beforehand. We had a Turkey and Salad lunch and champagne to toast her. It was such a lovely day and allowed Granny & Grandad to join in the fun.

A toast from Ivan and I for our special girl.

Now January 2nd, it is time to begin the tidy up.
This morning I woke early - around 4am, managed to stay settled and resting until 6am and then I had to get up. Started taking down the hanging decorations, did 4 loads of washing and tidied up the kitchen. Then Ivan woke and we began the morning with a swim - oh heavenly way to start a day. I did 10 laps of kicking - attempting to remove the Christmas kilograms.

Today I am going to pack away Christmas decorations and tidy up the house. If I achieve that I will be happy.

Then I will make a list for the days to come.


darlin said...

Wow, your daughter is beautiful! And are you ever ambitious, want to come over and help me with my take down? lol My decorations will stay up until I have completed my block week course which begins on Monday and ends on Friday. That's going to be crazy making, one course in one week, at least we have until the 20th to submit the paper!

When are you leaving for the states? Do you go there for a holiday? Whatever the purpose of your visit it's so good to get away and good for you to be going!

Have a wonderful day, take care and have a wonderful and blessed New Year! It's still the 1st here! lol

Michelle said...

Happy 'early' Birthday, Elizabeth! What a wonderful way to begin the New Year!

Beverly, it's fabulous to see a photo of just you, Ivan and Elizabeth ...

Michelle x