Sunday, January 23, 2011

Before & After photos

As the water rose, the swings were threatened and eventually were under water

Yesterday 22/01/11 - just 11 days after the flood we visited our lovely park & the devastation was horrible.

As the water rose, the trees were submerged, but we didn't expect the following.

This is what the road now looks like.

This was the toilet block, under water.

This is all that is left of it, with another building from somewhere crashed into it

Trees were snapped off like twigs - a disaster zone and this is just one park out of hundreds.

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darlin said...

Oh my goodness, what total devastation. Thank goodness you and your loved ones are all safe. I think that I'm in shock after seeing your photos but thank you for sharing them. I see the reality of it all.

Take care.