Monday, January 17, 2011

My amazing brother

My beautiful, amazing brother sent us through a link to YouTube this morning - he has recently (in the last couple of months) bought a piano and has been teaching himself to play.

He dedicated and played this beautiful piece of music Watermark to all of us in Queensland who have now passed the high water mark.

Thank you Ian.

This photo made me laugh when I looked at it - Really 'No through road?'

And who said we didn't have a river view?
This block of land normally looks out onto a walking track with no river view.


darlin said...

Beverly that song is amazing!

Ian you're playing touched my heart all the way over here in Canada, that was so beautiful!

I am in awe and shock about the amount of waterfall you've had there. I'm going to post some of our insane amounts of snow here tonight and you can see what we're experiencing. This world is going crazy weather wise... well in many other senses as well but I'll stick to talking about the weather here.

And no kidding you can't get through there! I'm glad to see that you can maintain your humor through all of this Beverly, that'll help keep you sane! :-)

Ian Weatherburn said...

:) Aww, thanks Beverly. Really appreciate it. I know I need lots more practice but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

darlin said...

Ian, I only wish that I could play as good as you do, that was extremely touching.

Michelle said...

Absolutely Beautiful, Ian! Very evocative and so appropriate as an acknowledgement of the floods.

Thanks for sharing, Beverly. :)