Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What an Honour!

I am so excited!

I have just received a letter from my university and the School of English.

My lecturer has recommended me for the Honours programme when I complete my BA (in a few years time).  The best lines are the following:

"Dr HE has discussed with me your exceptional results this year. We wonder whether, as one of our best students, you have considered an honours year in the School of English, Media Studies, and Art History once you have completed your BA.

Warm congratulations from me, and from Dr Hilary Emmett, on your fine work. I do look forward to hearing from you."

Wow and how about that - I am thrilled.


Ian Weatherburn said...

How awesome indeed! Congratulations! Go for it! :)

darlin said...

WOW! This is so commendable, way to go Beverly! Congratulations! And for sure go for it, do us all proud... which I know you will! :-)

Mom and Dad said...

Well done sweetheart, Dad and I are very proud of you in receiving this amazing letter. Congratulations. It is especially gratifying for you I am sure, considering the trials and tribulations of 2010, God willing 2011 will be even better, keep up the good work.

Beverly said...

Thank you all for your lovely supportive comments.

Life is wonderful and I love studying.