Friday, December 3, 2010

Decorating & Baking

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Baking

Yummy food and a beautiful home


darlin said...

Look at you go! Wow, you're sure accomplishing a lot these days in preparation of the upcoming holiday. I hope to get my tree up this weekend and the outdoor lights on. Your tree looks fantastic and that's so awesome that you have your daughter to help you with your baking. Well done Beverly, want to come help out here with my preparations? ;-)

Dorothy said...

Darlin, I have to say that my daughter, Beverly and family make the most devine Christmas Mince Pies and Christmas Curry Mince Pies, however have to say this old Granny is still the best at making Shortbread as the family like it. One day you will have to come to Oz, to meet this crazy family. I know Beverly has most appreciated your friendship and she is often homesick for the good old USA. Hope you had a good thanksgiving and all the best for 2011. Granny Dorothy Weatherburn (Beverly's Mom

darlin said...

Hi Dorothy,

What a pleasure it is to meet you and what a nice surprise this morning to find your message here. My mouth is watering for shortbread, especially good shortbread and who knows, maybe one day when my educational journey is complete I just might have to take a trip. I've always wanted to visit Australia and what a delight it would be to meet your wonderful family.

I admire Beverly and all which she chooses to do (you bet I'm talking about you Beverly, after all this is your blog! :-)).

I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving thank you, here in Canada we celebrate this special day earlier then they do in the US, we had ours in October but personally I think that every day there is something to give thanks for. And now Christmas is just around the corner, where does out time slip away to on us? All the best to you and your family not only at this special time of year but each and every day throughout the year.

Oh, I just noted the time and I have an early class this morning. I hope that you have a wonderful day Dorothy and you as well Beverly. Cheers!