Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is coming

December 1st in Australia

Of course our Christmas Decorations are all up and this year we have gone all out - photos to follow!

We also did our Christmas baking yesterday - 12 dozen Christmas mince pies and 14 dozen savoury Curry mince pies. I am not getting on the scale until December 30th - I ate so much already yesterday and even for breakfast this morning. Yum!

Mum, made me a double batch of shortbread - another Yum!

Only 24 days - how exciting - my shopping is finished - thank goodness - now the wrapping to tackle.

Our other exciting news is that we are booked into Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel for 8 nights to celebrate Elizabeth's 21st birthday next year. Our 2 week vacation in California is now all booked and we can start planning daily acitivities.

Book editing has started, it will be a little slow; sorry guys - but Christmas preparations and fun come first now.

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darlin said...

Wow, you're ahead of the game, that's awesome! I also have the shopping done BUT I have to find time to get to baking, perogies are made, trees not up yet nor the outside finished but all in good time!

Disneyland, that's awesome! I'm sure that you'll have a blast, have you ever been to California? I was once and LOVED it!

Until next time, take care!