Thursday, June 19, 2014

Working Girl

Elizabeth has been studying for the past 5 years - she has loved every minute of her Bachelor of Arts and graduated with Academic Honours.  Since November last year she tried to get a supervisor for her Masters - but with no success.

The frustration of not earning money really began to affect her, so she decided to do a medical receptionist course on top of her degree. This was a hands on and practical course.  As she finished the course, she began handing out resumes.  She dropped one in at our local doctor and then our dentist. The dentist was looking for new staff, so offered her an interview, then a training day and finally acceptance and now she is on three months probation. 

The best part of the job is that it is just 6-10 mins up the road and the pay is not too bad to start.  Her hours are quite long at the moment, with late evenings, but we have a working girl.

Well done Elizabeth - we are so proud of you.

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Red said...

The job not only gives experience and cash but also some great confidence building.