Saturday, November 3, 2012

I love my Cat!

Cleo has been such a lovely addition to our family.  She was supposed to be Sarah's cat, but quickly decided that she preferred me.  When I was in hospital - Ivan said that she sulked and avoided him, or slept on my side of the bed.

Since my diagnosis - our normally anti-social cat, has taken to sleeping really close to me and now whenever I get out of bed (if I don't pull the covers up) - she rushes in to sleep on my pillow.

 A couple of days ago, I couldn't resist getting the camera out to snap this photo.

Now Cleo has always been an indoor cat - we love our wildlife too much to allow her to roam and kill not only birds, but also lizards and other creatures.  However, her instinct has been so strong to go outside, that this morning we allowed her out for a 10 minute wander. 
 Our only hope was that she wouldn't just rush off and dissapear.  She was very curious and timid and Max, made sure she didn't go too far, keeping an eye on her and inviting her back inside.
Now as I said - I love my Cat!


Filip and Kristel said...

There is nothing more loyal than a cat or a dog.


Mark Tullett said...

Cats an dogs just seem to know when we need them around. How wonderful that you've Cleo to be there with you.