Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Last week we celebrated with Matthew the end of his school life. It was a joy for Ivan and me to share the Valedictory service and celebration with him on Thursday evening and then to attend his final assembly at school on Friday morning.

 It has been a wonderful watching Matthew grow up - especially the last 8 years at Westmac - he has made good friends and had lots of highlights.

Friday morning assembly was moving and special.

Mr Alcorn & Ms Stewart (Senior School vice principal & principal) and the school captains.
 The school song is a beautiful one called "On Eagle's Wings" - when the kids are in primary school they learn all these lovely actions, but when they get to senior school - they become way to cool to perform them - so it was with delight we watched and listened to the joy of these graduating kids singing out loud, out of tune, yet with actions and great enthusiasm.

Matthew appearing up the time tunnel

The time tunnel is a great tradition at Westmac - the entire school lines up and farewells the graduating class - they start with the preps and end with the Year Eleven's - there were lots of tears and quite a few cheers.
 Elizabeth got the biggest hug from Matthew - their bond is still so close.

 My turn for a photo with Matthew.
 And finally heading out the gates with his friend Alec
Congratulations Matthew - we are so proud of you and love you very much.


Julie said...

Congratulations Matthew! It is a wonderful thing to be moving on to the next adventure! Looking forward to hearing all about it (one way or the other!) Enjoy your summer!..weird thing to say here at -28 this morning! And Congratulations to the parents as well - you guys have a done a tremendous job of putting up with this one!!! :)

Ian Weatherburn said...

How awesome for you Matthew...and congratulations. Wonderful photo's and memories here Beverly! :) Good luck with your move to Uni now and have a blast with the computer programming.

darlin said...

What an amazing graduation, it's very unique and what a beautiful day; amazing family and friends, magnificent weather and I'm sure some awesome food afterwards. ;-)

Congratulations Matthew! Way to go (or is it correct to say 'good on ya'? lol)!