Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all Mother's I wish you a joyful day. It is the greatest blessing of my life - to be a mother.
My children, Elizabeth, Matthew and Sarah are my delight and I thank God for them every night.

To my own Mother, thank you for your love, for my upbringing and for the care that you still give me every single day. I am blessed to be your daughter.

To all who no longer have their mother's with them, my heart is with you as I know that a Mother's love is unique and special.

Enjoy Mother's Day



darlin said...

A very Happy Mother's Day to you Beverly, any special plans?

Beverly said...

The children gave me three beautiful gifts and we are celebrating with a late lunch with my Mom and Dad. A lovely Sunday.

darlin said...

That sounds wonderful Beverly, what a wonderful way to spend a special day!

Mom said...

Thanks for all your wishes Beverly for Mother's day. We are truly blessed to have been able to have children and in my case I have never regretted having you and your brother so young. I have and are still having so much fun being a Mom. I do miss my own Mom especially as my time with her was so short. She would have been so proud of her great grandchildren both in South Africa and here in Oz.