Monday, December 2, 2013

The time is here!

It is December 2nd and the time has arrived to begin my battle once more. But..... before I do all that I thought I would share my wonderful time in Disneyland.

We have had the most amazing trip.  We had the best flight over, with 3 seats between 2 of us in each row and lots of sleep.  The hotel turned out to be perfect and the 5 days in Disneyland magical.  Not only did we have all of that, but we also managed to catch up with our dear friend Julie Veloo for a whole day and also spent two days shopping.  A whirlwind trip that felt like a month rather than just 8 days. 

Julie and I playing 'pat-a-cake' and posing in our winter Mickey ears and gloves.  It was great to share a day of memories and laughter.

It rained in California - just for one day - but really?

We met Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney

And of course Santa

Rode in Fast Cars on the new "Radiator Springs - Racing cars"

Made the kids blush in front of the Disneyland Castle

Met Christmas Mickey Mouse

Had a Christmas sleigh ride photo

Caught up with Mickey again

And finally were magically hugged by Sorcerer Mickey Mouse


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Julie said...

Lovely pics of a lovely trip ! It was SO wonderful to catch up with you guys a t the happies place on earth! My Mickey ears are going to be put into service for the Christmas party for the childreno of the Peak....and out in the countryside too!