Monday, December 2, 2013

Home Safe from Surgery

My surgery went well.  I had an amazing doctor. He looked at my two keloid scars (from my previous portocath insertions) and suggested that he attempt to recut at least one of them and try to fix up the discomfit that they are causing me.

I am bruised and tender, but the mechanism is safely in, ready for my first treatment on Wednesday.

Once more thank you my darling Elizabeth for driving me to the hospital, sitting around waiting for me and taking care of me post-op.  You are very special and I love you.

My many friends, those locally and those around the world have sent me through the most supportive and wonderful messages and I really appreciate their love and prayers.

My journey ahead is daunting. I am really scared this time. I dread the six months of illness, the nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, exhaustion and all the demons that chemotherapy bring.  I am also scared that once more this insidious disease will go into hiding again and that the poisons I will be taking, will do nothing to eradicate it. I know that this is my best chance, but I feel so well and healthy - and now I will once again feel sick.

But.... I guess there is only each day to consider, each day to face and to fight the best I can.  And leave the rest up to God.

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