Friday, October 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010

Here is a huge announcement for November 2010

I am writing Book Two of 'The Creators' this November.

Not only that but Sarah will be joining me in an endeavour to write her novel 'Vermaids', she will attempt to write 8 000 as part of the Young Writer's Programme.

Elizabeth will also be signing up in the next few days, so our household is going to be filled with 'artistic madness' in the month of November.

Wish us all luck, as our fingers fly across the keyboards and the words flow.


Michelle said...

Hip Hip Hooray! What a wonderful challenge for the Writing Girls! Looking very forward to hearing about your endeavours and VERY excited that there is a sequel coming for The Creators!

darlin said...

Awesome, totally awesome that you're going to continue to write and I think that it's also fantastic that your daughter is going to write as well!