Friday, April 11, 2014

April news

April has started with some lovely cooler nights and beautiful mornings. It is one of my favourite months in Queensland. The skies are clear blue, the sun warm and day time temperatures in the mid 20's.

We did however, have a storm the other night that caused a major electrical short in the power pole just outside our house.  A couple of hours without electricity resulted in a great game of cards by candlelight.

Today a very special thing occurred - Sarah went down to her Grandad so that he could teach her to carve.  Sarah is very gifted artistically and has expressed interest in carving. Today she began a 'comfort bird' - a very special carving. 
Gloves for protection and a Grandad for instruction
A good happening of the month so far was finding a very special book. Ever since I was a little girl my Mom has talked about a book called "Barney Blue Eyes" - it was a favourite of hers as a child and she had a copy she read to me when I was little.  Sometime during our moves and growing up the book went missing.  For at least the last 10-15 years we have hunted every antique store and second-hand bookshop - no luck.

But .... in searching for another title on 'abebooks' - I thought to type in the title and lo & behold - I found "More Barney Blue Eyes" - it is a First Edition published in 1938 and in really good condition. I ordered it straight away and had the joy of giving it to Mom just a few days ago.

Mom and I with her book.  We both look a little worn - me with little hair and Mom with scars & plasters from some basal cell cancer removals - but those smiles say it all - JOY!



Mom said...

You have no idea how thrilled I was to receive this book, so a very big big thank you sweetheart for the gift, once I have finished reading it you may borrow it.

Sarah S. said...

Beverly..just wanted to stop in and say thank you <3 So very happy you are doing so well! I will get there too! So very wonderful to meet you.
Hugs, Sarah

Joanna Jenkins said...

Learning to carve and being taught by her grandfather is a very special holly that I hope Sarah enjoys.